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                               Chapter 2-The godfather and the necklace

After potion Andreea, Ron, Harry and Hermione were going to the common room but they were stopped by Malfoy. He was very angry, but when he looked at Andreea he was confused.
"Wha...?"Malfoy said and Andreea was to a little confused that she was looking at him"I think I've saw you before"
"why don't you go away Malfoy"Ron said. When Andreea heard his name she was more confused than before
"No!"And he was angry again"I know  one of you have exploded that juice in my face"
"We don't did anything! So leave"Harry said
Malfoy leaved and then Harry, Ron and Hermione looked at Andreea
"He is Draco Malfoy. You don't wan't to know him. He is a monster"Hermione said and Andreea almost felt when she heard monster
"What happened?"Harry asked and Andreea took from her pocket a necklace inform of the eye of Horus.
"how beautiful is"Hermione said looking at the necklace
"Is from my godfather"Andreea said
"And you're godfather is..."Harry said
"Malfoy's father"Andreea said. Harry, Hermione and Ron weren't excepting this. And then she put the necklace back in her pocket."Let's go to the common room"
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This is chapter 2
The necklace is exactly like Nina's from House of Anubis
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