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It was a sunny day at Ancuta's Inn and equerry Ionita has ended his story about his horse. Equerry Ionita made honor drink for all the people, but then a blonde woman, whit grey eyes like storm clouds has entered in Inn with a mysterious air.
"I heard you're story"the woman said"is a little good"
"Hey! What's you're name and do you have a story for us?"equerry Ionita said
"Name's Sam and yarr...I hav' a more good story"the woman said
At this words and at the sailor language all were curious about the story.
"What yerr story about"equerry Ionita asked trying  to speak like the woman but failing miserable.
After this question witch was waited by the woman, she removed two small swords so fast that they all screamed in fear.
"Story is about these swords...who were my Comrades from the start of my pirate life"Sam said and in her eyes were reflected the swords.
Has started 10 years ago. In this inn. I was there for the bets. When... Has entered some pirates. They asked Ancuta about someone, and then she has pointed at me and all went black.
I waked up in a dark room, when I moved my hands I felt something undermy right hand. I looked and there were the swords.
"You waked up"someone said, I don't know why but the voice was familiar.
"Who's there?"I asked getting up and having the swords in my hands.
"You don't recognize me?"the voice asked
When I discovered from where was the voice, I attacked the person with some moves that I never imagined before and I slammed the person on the floor. The man has black hair and green eyes. I don't know why but I know him
"I see that you remember the moves even after the accident" the person saidgetting up and I was prepared"Calm Sam"
"How do you know my name?"I asked
"Come with me and you will know everything...And I'm Gerard "The man said and entered in a room.
I don't trusted the man but something made me to follow him.
When I entered in the room I was excepting to be attacked in second to second. But, all the people were at a round table and near someone who I think he was the captain  was an empty seat, I feel like I've seen this scene.
"Hey Sam!"
"How are you?"
"How you doing?"
Questions and hello's were flying everywhere. All was so familiar.
"Sit"the captain said waking me up from my thoughts.
I sat and the captain started to say about my past. I discovered that my parents were killed in a battle. The captain was my uncle. And I was the the most skilled pirate from my generation with the small swords, but deadly.
The accident that said Gerard(Who was my Best Friend) was that I was fighting with one of the pirates from the crew captain who killed my parents and another pirate has hit me at my back and took me to Ancuta's Inn 5 years ago. After that story about my life the ship has shaked and has heard screams
"The rest of the story is for another time"The woman said and leaved.
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November 20, 2012
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